August 21, 2005

Do I have a non-coding life? Apparently, because I haven't updated in a while....

So I've been repeatedly impressed with Google lately. I mean, many people know that "to google" has been a verb for a while, since it's kind of the de facto way to search the Internet. But also, I've been using their email service, which is really awesome in all respects. Turns out Blogger (what you're seeing now) is run by Google, and it's good too. Then there are a handful of ways that Google has been supporting open-source software and projects: their Summer of Code, their APIs, and the fact that they give their developers one day off per week to work on a project of their own choosing. Very cool. I read in a tech magazine that Microsoft's big competitor at the moment is Google. (Of course, that makes MS very uncomfortable.) Well, stick it to 'em, Google!

So I made another big update to Pygmy this week. Formatting of the metadata is possible now; I simply exposed the user to what I've been using to format it all along. For example, "artist - title" will be replaced per-song, and
will show the artist in bold text and the title in small text on a new line. Only problem is that GTK+ has a longstanding bug with wrapping labels, so a long format won't wrap to multiple lines.

Next up: optional tags, so if you have "date" in the format and it's not in the file, it won't show up (nor will the space you put before it to separate it from the title).

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