August 25, 2005

Scattered and Sundered

So I've been very busy lately, and mostly because of work. That's a veryhref="">personalized homepage, I keep a few interesting sites' feeds there. Makes for a nice break from the dirty innards of Microsoft Office.

So I have managed to stay abreast of a few projects that have kept my interest. As usual, they revolve around Python and/or more documentation) but I can't think of anything productive I have been doing.... There's the real kicker.

Since I'm using Windows at work, there's only one way to stay connected to the open-source world when I'm taking a break: newsfeeds. With Google's new
GTK+. I really do think that the combination thereof makes for good, accessible development that is a great boon to the open-source desktop. There are a few that I'm thinking about contributing to:

  • Straw - a news aggregator (in other words, an RSS reader)

  • myBudget - a desktop budget program

  • And deep down, I have a desire to create a PyGTK web browser using, not Gecko, but GTK+ Webcore. Problem is, it's not ported to Python, so it'd take much learning on my part to figure out how to do that.

Yet I feel so scattered lately. I haven't even taken the time to solidify the big changes I've made to Pygmy enough to release them. I'm hoping that I'll be able to rein in, start small, and move forward, even just a bit.

As ever, I'll keep you (marginally) posted.

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