November 26, 2005

The visit with my son

Luke Steven Hays
Born 11/14/2005
7 lb., 8 oz. and 21" long

So last week my mom, dad, sister, and I had a chance to visit with my son. It makes the decision to give him in adoption a bit harder but more rewarding in the end, because I can see (and hold) him whom I'm committing to the care of others (a very wonderful couple). You can see more pictures and video by clicking on the image below.

He's certainly adorable.


Decklin Foster said...

Aww. Wow.

Ken said...

He's so adorable bro. :-)

Jaclyn said...

He's beautiful.

Julia Gruenler said...

I love you.
He's so beautiful!! He looks JUST like you as a baby:)
I'm so proud of you!!

Anonymous said...

ditto, Julia! - - -
and so much love.
Aunt Tricia!

Bets said...

such a precious boy... the pictures dont even do him justice
love you brother!

Anonymous said...

Andy, he's perfect.
Much love to you and yours.