November 14, 2005

Pygmy: New tooltips for the trayicon

So I've cooked up a nice tooltip for the trayicon for Pygmy (in SVN r79), with the help of Gian Mario Tagliaretti. Basically, it's a window that looks like a tooltip, smells and tastes like a tooltip, even behaves like a tooltip, but is not one. Here's a peek at what they look like right now (tooltip is on the upper-right):

I guess it could look a little more like a tooltip, but it's getting there. :)

Edit: r86 has corrected the look and improved the positioning. Thumbnail updated above.


patrick said...

using pygmy r87 right now and I gotta tell ya, it's awesome ;)

patrick said...

i got another feature request for ya

i'd lke to be able to adjust the volume using the mouse scrollwheel.

for example: hover over the speaker icon and scroll up/down to change the volume.

would be nice to also be able to do that on the systray icon as well.


Andrew said...

Clicking on the button and then scrolling on the slider with your mouse wheel isn't good enough? :P

Seriously, I'll take a look at maybe adding some event box or something to do this. I'm loath to add too much, but this seems like it may be pretty direct.

patrick said...

actually scrolling on the slider doesn't work for me :( nothing happens.

Anonymous said...

This is really cool dude. I spent 6 hours last night trying to make a GtkTooltip pop-up in a sane position on command, this thing seems to be the answer.


- Ben

Andrew said...

I suppose I should spend a bit of time making this into something general.

Anonymous said...

That would be great! I pulled the class out, and looked at your implementation. I'm a bit confused about how it works, and why you're calling non-public functions, but I've got it working almost 100%.

BTW, this is bhearsum, I used to hang out in #mpd a lot. Also, I set you up with webspace on dclug ;)