November 1, 2005

Pygmy... and Bantu?

So. Many updates with Pygmy lately. I rewrote the way it connects to MPD using a Singleton, so there's only ever one, no matter if you change the port, open the browser, etc. Makes it all very stable. For example, (I haven't written this capability yet) you'll be able to update your music database and not have to close/reopen the browser window. Neat.

Decklin Foster also graced us with his presence (and code) this past weekend and he has already made some good improvements on my code. He also has some good ideas about what to do in the future. For example, he has started implementing a parsing engine using the empy system. I haven't tried this out (or even heard of it before Decklin mentioned it), but I look forward to it. (As of now, Decklin has access to and will be patching our SVN tree. :) He also recommended we give the browser window a name, Bantu. I like this because that gives credence to the (eventual) fact that you can run the browser on its own.

All in all, it's been a fun time. This project has increasingly been a learning experience in OSS development and as such, has been constantly humbling! Decklin's patches, for example, have focused on cleaning up some of my badly organized code, which is a result of me learning how to do things as I'm implementing them. There are interesting ways of categorizing and classifying things; Python keeps on impressing me!

Look for a release in the next few days!

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